Health Issues

Optimum Care practice doctors have years of experience dealing with health issues that make living your best life that bit harder.
We have focused on treating Arthritis, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and have developed our own supplements to help treat and combat the affects of these horrible illnesses. Read more about these illnesses and see how we
use our Pillars to treat them. We can help you too.

Our Patient Testimonials

Vivian, 20

Phumzile, 37

Annika, 28

I'm a young adult working hard on my future and I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I did not know it by its name, I thought I was just really, really tired, all the time, and I couldn't figure out why. When it started affecting my job and I started  falling asleep driving, I knew I had to get help - I had no idea how to fix it. To my surprise Dr Engelbrecht diagnoses hundreds of people a year with the condition - I was not alone. When I found out there is a natural way to treat it I was delighted! AdrenoCare changed my life - I'll never go without it again. Not only did Dr Engelbrecht help me with this condition, he also taught me to look after my body the natural way with the pillars of health, like taking the right Omega oils, and drinking enough water on a daily basis. He also showed me what foods I need to avoid to be a healthier version of myself.  Thank you so much Optimum Care for changing my life.
My newborn baby started having problems with eczema. The doctors told me to use cream but no matter what cream I used he still itched and cried and I could not fix it. Then we went to see Dr
Engelbrecht, he determined that Mthokozisi, my son is allergic to dairy, which was 95% of what I was feeding him! Once we detoxed him and I adjusted his formula, he's been a happy, soft skin baby boy.
Optimum Care has been looking after me and my family for more than eight years now.
A few years ago I started getting extreme migraines. It got worse until I was at the point where I couldn't drive or stand up straight, I could hardly keep any food down. I consulted my GP but the pain medication did nothing. The GP also sent me for a drip which helped for a few days only and it all went back to square one. I decided to go see Dr Engelbrecht as a last resort. He determined the cause of my problem in 1 day! My liver was very weak and damaged and my hormones were unbalanced - I used LivoCare to cleanse my liver and I balanced my hormones with his medication; I haven't had a migraine ever since! To this day Dr Engelbrecht has been my first choice for ANY queries about my body. My body is natural and I'm looking after it naturally.

Vivian, 20