The BEST Test

​​Bio-Energetic Stress Testing System
Bio-Energetic Stress Testing System, more commonly referred to as the BEST Test, is a device that we use in our Optimum Care practices to accurately test the functioning of the organs and tissues of the body. We have had great success using the BEST Test and we’ve helped hundreds of patients due to its preciseness and effectiveness.

The BEST Test is a biofeedback device that uses acupressure points in a patient’s hands and feets. It is non-invasive and painless. When measured accurately, these points, linked to a vast computerised system and database, show the functioning of the tissues and organs associated with each point. This system is used to test the entire body, notably: 
  • the lymph drainage points that represent the immune glands and lymphatic system around the head and neck in cases of the common colds, flu and sinusitis;
  • the adrenal-reproductive-thyroid-pituitary responses in the hormonal system;
  • the kidney, liver, colon, and every other organ system in the body. 

We also use the machine to test for individual intolerances, sensitivities and allergy reactions to food and environmental substances. We can then use this information to customise an eating plan that includes best nutritional choices and supplements best suited to each individual patient. 

The BEST Test is an incredible tool that tests the entire body and treats the body as a whole system. It finds the areas of the body that are out of balance, and then enables us to bring the whole body back into balance. 

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