Your Health

Your body is the only vehicle you have to achieving life goals.
A body in balance is a healthy body; a body out of balance is disease.​ 

We at Optimum Care would like to introduce you to the best doctor you will ever have, your own body!
Give it what it needs and it will sustain health.

Your health is important to us. So we've put together resources that we believe are essential to achieving your optimum health. 

7 Foundations of Health​​

These 7 foundations are timeless, universal, and essential for your optimum health

7 Foundations

Juicing is essential

Visit our Juicing page for recipes and resources


Fitness is vital for optimum health

Find articles on fitness and nutrition, and exercise videos prepared especially for you by Dr Katy


Recipes for clean living​

Try out some of our favourite healthy recipes


Product Focus

Focus on
For your optimal daily nutritional needs
Nutrient, vitamin or mineral deficiency/supplementation
Anti-inflammatory support             
Anti-aging agent
What is MultiCare?
MultiCare is a specifically formulated comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients in which your body might be difficent. Multicare is a plant based multivitamin and mineral formula to support optimal nutrition and to facilitate maximum nutrient absorption. 

What does it do?
Our bodies are exposed to harmful "free radicals", chemicals and stressors from our environment that if left untreated can lead to aging, inflammation and disease. Multicare is the first line in defence to support healthy immune, metabolic and nutritional health.

​How does it work?
Multicare contains nutrient dense, antioxidant loaded and superfood rich barley grass, beetroot and carrot powder concentrates along with green tea, reservatrol and grape seed extract to combat inflammation and scavenge free radicals in an easy to use four capsule super vitamin and mineral sachet.

Barley green 
Green tea powder
Beetroot powder 
Carrot powder 
Resveratrol extract
Grape seed extract

  • Box containing 60 sachets, with 4 capsules per sachet
  • Suggested use: 2 sachets daily, morning and evening​​

Our Patient Testimonials

Maryke, 36

I'm a single mom of two beautiful young boys. They've got twice the amount of energy I have, unfortunately, and since I am studying as well, things can get a bit hectic. Since I started using NeuroCare I have been handling stress with ease, I've been focusing better and so have they! I am so glad I found a supplement this effective, and it's all natural!

Mark, 51

I was born with a very sensitive body. Highly allergic to alcohol, 
colorants, flavourants and many chemicals, which means that most medication caused more problems than actually helping.
I have been a patient of Dr Engelbrecht for more than 10 years, and was taught in detail how to strengthen and support my body naturally with the right foods and supplementation. 
Olive Leaf Extract provided by Optimum Care has helped me through many winters. It has helped me to fight viral and bacterial infections safely and with good results. 

Leroy, 31

   I'm a full time personal trainer and I've been using Optimum Care's 
products for years. I absolutely love
 their protein base - MuscleCare - I was amazed by the difference it made! Dr Engelbrecht guided me through the process of building my own muscle care shakes, adding only the ingredients that suits my needs without getting stuck with all the preservatives and unwanted allergens. I finally have a protein shake I can tell my clients about that has no wheat, gluten, egg, dairy or GMO's. As long as I keep to his MuscleCare & natural vitamins, I use Optimum Care's MultiCare, I'm helping my muscles recover and stay strong, the natural way!